Estate/Succession Planning

Plan for tomorrow, today

What would happen if you and/or your spouse died tomorrow? What would happen to your business, your personal assets and most importantly – your children? Would they be provided for and would they be cared for in the right manner by the right person?

Unfortunately, we cannot control events from the grave. What we can do however, is plan prior to the event to ensure that as many possible scenarios are taken care of and that the right money goes to the right people at the right time. Our approach to structuring your estate planning is geared to ensure your hard earned assets are transferred to the future generations.

As unpleasant as the task may seem, estate planning is a necessity in life. A good estate plan will ensure that your assets are dealt with in the manner in which you choose, avoiding a situation where your loved ones are required to deal with things after you’re gone.

For a business owner, a plan for the succession of ownership is critical. We can assist and guide you through the process of ensuring that if you are not around, then your business can still continue on.

The areas involved in Estate Planning, in which we can assist you are as follows:

  • Meeting to discuss your objectives
  • Confirming assets and structure
  • Asset protection
  • Plan for tax consequences
  • Estate distribution

At Patison Partners, we are experts in estate and succession planning, and will assist you to ensure that what you want to happen – will happen.

Our firm now has an estate planning manual known as “For Your Peace of Mind”. This manual has been set-up in a logical order whereby you provide answers and information to a series of questions. The “For Your Peace of Mind” manual will act as a Family Information Album which will be invaluable to the executors and family in general.

Tip – Did you know that anyone can contest a will? And that costs are paid for out of the estate.

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