Cashflow Management

Manage your Cashflow

There is an old saying – “cash is king”. Too many times we have seen profitable businesses nearly pushed to the wall due to poor cashflow management.

Cashflow management is all about making sure you have enough cash available at the right times to pay staff, suppliers and to meet all of your statutory tax liabilities.

If you did a quick check to see how much money you had tied up in stock, debtors and equipment you might find that some small tweaks in how you manage your cashflow, may put some funds back into your account, and help cut that interest bill on your overdraft!

Patison Partners staff are very experienced at working with small business owners like you in the area of managing cashflow. We can provide you with accurate, timely and informative cashflow reporting to allow you to:

  • Realise and understand when cash is available
  • Prepare for tax payments
  • Plan for expansion and capital expenditure
  • Analyse and anticipate key expenditure

Areas we will work with you, to assist you in improving your cashflow, are as follows:

  • Debtors. Are you getting your statements out on time? Are you following up slow payers? Are you considering changing terms for slow payers to cash on delivery?
  • Suppliers. Are you taking advantage of paying your accounts when they are due rather than straight away?
  • Suppliers. Are you discussing terms with suppliers? Paying in 7 days when you could pay in 30?
  • Turnaround of Work. Are you turning your work around as quickly and efficiently as you can or are there blockages in the process?
  • Stock. Do you have old stock sitting there that should be cleared? Is your stock purchasing cycle an accurate representation of your business cycle? Do you buy stock when it suits you? Is your low margin stock also moving quickly?
  • ATO and Statutory Obligations. Do you have an understanding of when your BAS, tax and superannuation are due to be paid?

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